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Imagine getting up in the morning and leaving the house without putting on make-up - and still looking great !  
Envision doing sports, relaxing in the sauna or going for a swim - all without smudging. 
And think what it would be like to remain perfectly styled regardless of long working days and hectic meetings.  
Just a dream?   
In fact, thanks to semi-permanent make-up, you can have all this today !

About Cosmetic Tattooing
Cosmetic tattooing/Permanent Make Up techniques have been used to enhance and correct facial and body features for centuries in the east and decades in the west. Techniques have since been developed to create natural results with minimum complications. Cosmetic tattooing can be used to enhance, correct, camouflage and re-shape features to help you look your possible best.
Cosmetic tattooing procedures now involve an electrical tattoo pen, that automatically and rapidly insert dye in to the skin using needles. This way consistency in the depth of the insertion is insured, thus resulting in an even, natural look. Inks/dyes have also come a long way in cosmetic tattooing, They tend to be more sympathetic to the skin and facial tones and fade without discolouration.

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